Arledge Ridge Cemetery

Established 1840

The History...

Two of the earliest settlers to this area were two brothers, Joseph and William Arledge. William Arledge deeded property in 1876 to be used as a local burial ground for the community. It is believed the first burial was around 1840, but the first documented grave  was of Joseph Arledge himself, who was buried in 1855. Along with Joseph Arledge, there are early settlers, Civil War veterans and many locals since who have found their final rest on this historic land. Since the deed of 1876 there have been four land acquisitions; 1893,1948,1965 and most recently, 2007.

Established in 1948, The Arledge Ridge Cemetery Association has maintained these beautiful grounds for the past 67 years. Along with keeping this historic cemetery in great condition for the past six decades, they also sponsor a homecoming event once a year.